Decoding Acura Integra VIN Numbers

You Can Also Us Our Handy Automatic Integra Vin Decoder.

An unfortunate side effect of a healthy aftermarket and performance community adopting a car model is that many less-than-ethical resellers will try to resell a lesser model as a more expensive car. For example: adding a 5-lug setup and spoiler to an Integra RS and reselling it as a Type-R model.

To help you determine the correct, original model and equipment of any Integra you are considering puchasing, here is an easy guide to decoding a VIN number (which is located on the driver's side under the windshield and on various body parts).

First, separate the VIN like this: JH4 DB7 5 5 1 W S 000001

First set of 3 characters (JH4): Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Acura Passenger Vehicle

Next set of 3 characters (DB7): Body & Engine type:

DB7: 4dr B18B
DB8: 4dr B18C
DC4: 2dr B18B
DC2: 2dr B18C

Next digit (5): Body & Transmission Type:
3: 2dr 5spd
4: 2dr auto
5: 4dr 5spd
6: 4dr auto

Next digit (5): Vehicle Grade:
1: Type R
3: RS no pass. airbag (1994 models only)
4: RS with passenger airbag (1994 models only)
5: LS
6: GS/SE
8: GS-R
9: GS-R w/ leather seats

Next digit (1): This is a check digit, you can ignore it.

Next digit (W): Model year
R: 1994
S: 1995
T: 1996
V: 1997
W: 1998
X: 1999
Y: 2000
1: 2001

Next digit (S): Factory Code
S: Suzuka, Japan

Final 6 digits (000001) = Production Order Serial Number, e.g. the order in which this car rolled off the assembly line.

So for the example VIN, we could deduce that this Integra is a 1998 Integra LS Sedan with a 5-speed manual transmission that was the first one to roll off the assembly line.

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2 Responses to “Decoding Acura Integra VIN Numbers”

  1. Travis snawder Says:

    The 8th digit of my 98 integra is a 7. What does this mean? It’s a Canada car and my insurance company says it’s an invalid vin

  2. I wondering about 8 the digit u said 3 is rs w/0 air bag. 4 is rs with airbag so if my car is 1998.w Air bag that means my if I have a 98 4dr sedan. See my car I believe is a 98 4dr 5spd with a sun roof ( w/out rims so I assume mine is a rs w/ a after market roof with a vechile grade 8th # is 4

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